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We are always opened and looking for great organizations to collaborate with. Please send us a mail at  and let's discuss your idea!

We would love to offer a partnership. How can we do that?

Indeed. Sponsorships are available but very limited. We are very selective into who we partner with. Reach out to and let us know what you idea is and let's discuss. We build custom proposals for every sponsor, so don't worry. We are not going to just ask you to choose one of three sponsorship packages. 

How do we become one of the very few sponsors of the event?

We are always curious to learn about new speakers and engaging sessions. If you have a topic or a speaker in mind, please submit your session here.

Can I speak or suggest a speaker for Present to Succeed?

We will start sending the invitations for the streaming platform after May 15th. Thus, if you purchased online ticket before May 15th, please wait for an e-mail from us notifying you that we will send your personal invite in the next 24 hours. 

If you are purchasing your ticket after May 15th, then please monitor your inbox slighly after the end of the business day. We normally wait for people to register during the day and then send all of the streaming platform invites all at once, so that we don't have to do this every hour or so. Surely, if you have any question, please reach out to as Our team monitors the inbox constantly and will respond in less than 24 hours.

When will I get access to the event platform?

The platform is designed to allow only one user per ticket and only one device at the same time.

How many people can use the same credentials?

No matter of your time zone, you will be able to use all capabilities of the platform. As for the sessions, don't forget - you will have access to all recordings. What's more, we are working on enabling you to see these recordings immediately after each session's end, so no matter where you are, you should be set.

I am located in a different time zone than the one of the event (GMT+2). Will that change my experience?

You will be able to network in multiple ways:

  1. Throughout each session there will be chat and QA areas where you can interact with the in-person attendees and ask your questions for our speakers. The moderator will be taking equal number of questions from the people in the room and the one online.

  2. At any point you will be able to chat and have private meetings with our sponsors. Just go to the expo area and enter the booth of the company you are interested in. There, you will be able to ask them questions, schedule 1:1s and much more.

  3. Want to talk with the other attendees? You can do that too. Chat, private messages, 1:1 calls and even more. Please, make the effort to read the answer of the next question and get ready to be surprised!

What are my network opportunities as an online attendee?

As an online attendee, you will be able to network with our speakers privately during the breaks. These are exclusive moments where you can even turn on your camera and ask some of our presenters something 1:1. What's more, we are also going to be having moving cameras around the venue and again during the breaks you will be able to interact with in-person attendees maybe asking them - how is it there, what are the top lessons for them, etc. Yes, you will be online but we are pushing hard to create a truly incredible experience for everyone, so don't you worry! We got you covered!

How would you compensate and make the online experience as close to the in-person ones?

First, this is the Google Maps to the venue. It's located on the top floor of the Paradise Mall, so you need to get to Paradise mall first and use the elevators or the escalators to the 4rd floor.

Now, in terms of transport to it - depending on your location, you can use:

  • Taxi: recommending Yellow Taxi or Green Taxi

  • Metro: travelling to Vitosha metro station (last station of the second metro line M2)

  • Bus line: 260, 280, 310, 94

  • Light Rail: 27

How to get to the venue?

Yes. Paradise mall has a huge underground parking which is free for 2 hours. Then you will need to exit and re-enter, if you wish to remain free of charge. However, there is also a cheap and huge parking just in front of Paradise Center. Here is the Google Maps location. You can pay for your stay there in cash or with any credit/debit card. We recommend you go with that option.

Can I come by car and park somewhere close?

No. As you will see, we are trying to run this event in the most sustainable way possible, so please don't print your ticket. Just bring your phone with your registration e-mail and QR code that you received when you purchased the ticket.

Do I need to print my ticket?

Of course! We have planned and included lunch breaks, coffee breaks with some delicious snacks and a whole party after the event's end for every attendee. What's more, we work with the best catering company out there. Thus, no matter of your food preferences, you will be taken care of. We promise it will be delicious and you won't wait in line too!

Will there be lunch included or any other food?

They are more or less limited to what and how much you want to network and engage. Our speakers will be around you at the venue throughout the whole day. Our sponsors crave talking with you and as for the other attendees - we will have a longer lunch break and a few coffee breaks where you can talk to someone in-person or join the conversation online!

What are my networking opportunities at the venue?

You have two options that we would recommend:

  1. If you land on Terminal 2, when you get out of the airport, there is a metro station(Google Maps link) to your left, which can bring you to any place in the city. What's more, the ticket costs less than 1 Euro.

  2. Get a taxi. We would recommend Yellow Taxi or Green Taxi. Important note! Be careful with the taxis that are being offered in front of the airport. These can be tricky and you may end up paying way too much. A normal fee from the airport to the city centre of Sofia shouldn't be more than 15 Euros!

I travel from abroad. How do I get to my place to stay when I land on Sofia Airport (SOF)?

There are two options that you can explore:

  1. Airbnb. No matter where you find an apartment, Sofia is not a huge city, so you should be able to get to the venue quite quickly. Of course, the closer to Paradise Centre, the better.

  2. Hotels. We would recommend you check the following: Hilton, Hyatt, Sense or Millennium.

Where do you recommend staying in Sofia?

You can purchase a ticket from any page including the Buy Tickets button in the top right corner. Once you go there, choose the ticket type - are you joining us in-person or online and then select your Pass. Once you confirm your purchase, you should get a confirmation mail with all the needed information including some free goodies from us and our sponsors!

How can I purchase a ticket?

Absolutely. Just shoot us a quick mail at and we will make it happen.

Can I upgrade my pass?

Absolutely. Just shoot us a quick mail at

and we will make it happen.

Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Absolutely. Just shoot us a quick mail at

and we will make it happen.

I have a ticket for the in-person event. Can I convert it to an online such(or vice versa)?

Yes, you can. Tickets are 100% refundable with no questions asked 30 days after the purchase. After the end of the 30 day period, unfortunately, tickets become non-refundable.

Can I get a refund if I'm not able to attend?

Absolutely you can! Any VIP ticket gives you access to the recordings from both previous years. Crazy, right? And if you want to purchase a specific set of recordings from any of the previous events, you can do that here.

Can I get the recordings from last two years?

Absolutely. As part of the checkout process you will be asked if you need an invoice. Select 'Yes' and then fill in all the company data for your invoice. Once the payment is completed, we will send you the invoice in a week.

Can I get an invoice for my ticket?

Absolutely. Go to the Group Access page and see for yourself the absolutely mind-blowing offers we have for teams and organizations. Warning! The prices are so good you can actually enroll hundreds of your employees to access the event and its recordings (making this an e-Learning opportunity too) for the same amount you would pay to train just 10 of them. Sure, a conference and its recordings and a corporate training are not the same things (we know, we deliver tons of them for many of the biggest brand in the world) but wouldn't it be great to utilize a fraction of your training budget and make tens if not hundreds of your team members thank you after the event because you helped them become better presenters?

Want to enroll my whole team or organization, will I get a discount and an invoice?

Present to Succeed is the largest, premium presentation skills conference in the world! For the last 3 years we gathered more than 8000 people from 50+ countries online and helped them learn how to write, design, and deliver truly effective presentations.

June 14th marks the next chapter. The moment when Present to Succeed becomes the presentation skills event of tech teams and tech professionals! So, if you are in the world of tech and you want to become more confident presenter who can grab any audience and keep their attention till the end, we are waiting for you in Sofia, Bulgaria or online.

What is Present to Succeed?

This event is tailored to the presentation skills of people in tech teams. Some of the roles who would benefit tremendously from the conference are: 

  1. Software & QA Engineers

  2. Cloud Engineers & Architects

  3. Data Engineers & Scientists

  4. AI & ML Developers

  5. UI & UX Designers

  6. Product & Project Managers

  7. Security & Infrastructure Experts

  8. Engineering & Team Leaders

  9. Business Analysts

  10. Business Development Managers & Sales Engineers

Who's this event for?

The event will be in GMT+3, Sofia time. Need help converting your timezone? Here's a great online tool that will save the day.

What time zone will the conference be in?

It's great that you know or have previous experience with PowerPoint or any other presentation software (G Slides, Prezi, Apple Keynote, Canva, etc.). However, these are just tools and for you to prepare and deliver a truly effective presentation in the new hybrid environment you will need a lot more. You will need to understand what makes a story engaging for an audience that's partially in front of you but also online. You will need to know how to design your slides, so that they not just look great but they can be consumed easily from any device. And finally, you will need to understand how to look and present with confidence both in front of the group but also in front of the camera. Truly effective presentations are unfortunately not just a PowerPoint. It takes a lot more and the hybrid world just made them even harder.

But I know PowerPoint? Why join?

More than 80% of the agenda is now availabel for you to look at. There are a few slots and some speakers photos we are currently waiting for and working on, so soon, the agneda will be fully there. If you don't want to miss any update, we would recommend you subscribe to our newsletter which you can find at the bottom of the website. 

When will all speakers and agenda be published?

Yes. What's more, at this stage, that's also true for the recordings as well. We are exploring the options of enabling multiple languages for the recordings, so fingers crossed! Subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye for the news!

Is the event going to be English only?

Yes. After the event is over, it takes us a week or so to edit and publish all the videos. No matter what type of ticket you purchased, you will have at least 30 days to watch the recordings (Standard Tickets) or a lifetime access (Premium & VIP). Btw, Premium and VIPs have lifetime access to even more recordings and they get them immediately after they register. Cool, huh?

Will the content be accessible after the event is over?

You have 2 options. You can get one of the tickets and join us in-person in Sofia, Bulgaria(map) or you can join us online. That's the beauty of the hybrid - whatever works for you. However, if you want to join us in Sofia Event Center, make sure you hurry up as we have just 850 seats!

How can I join?

The event will be held at the incredible Sofia Event Center. You can find how to get there by simply clicking here.

What's the venue for the event?

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