4 classes.

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Immerse yourself into one or more of the truly unique 4-hour masterclasses with some of the brightest minds in the industry. 

Our Moderators

Boris and Iva, the Founders of Presentation Agency 356labs and the organizers of Present to Succeed will help you and our incredible trainers extract as much as possible from each masterclass. Get yourself ready, get your questions ready and enjoy becoming an even better presenter by learning from some of the best!

Careful! Some Masterclasses may be conducted at the same time, check the time slots before purchasing tickets for more than one class!

Kendall Haven

His books have revolutionized our understanding of how story structure controls human understanding and meaning. Award-winning consultant to governments and corporations worldwide.

Your Brain on Story

Using the Science of Story to Better Persuade, Inspire, Influence, and Teach

You will learn:


  1. What is the true definition of "story" and "storytelling"

  2. What are the 8 essential elements of stories

  3. How does the brain “make sense” and “create meaning”

  4. How to apply the Story Influence Model in your presentations

  5. Why does storytelling really work and what is neuroscience telling us

15/04/21, 14:00-18:00 (CEST) UTC +2

Kendall Haven

Award-winning consultant to governments and corporations worldwide

*Every ticket also includes a recording of the Masterclass.

Peter Hopwood

From Dubai to Amsterdam, Shanghai to Berlin, Peter’s workshops and coaching skills are in high demand across global digital, entrepreneurship and business scenes.  Equally, as an internationally experienced live events MC, Peter has developed an extensive global portfolio of shaping some of the strongest tech events on the planet. He loves to be kept on his toes wearing many hats – mentor, coach, presenter and voiceover talent. 

The Great Delivery Playbook: On Stage & Online 

A comprehensive resourceful toolkit to maximize impact, strengthen delivery processes and truly connect with your audience

You will learn:


  1. Insights on how to approach the right mindset

  2. Essential, creative and advanced delivery techniques

  3. How to make anxiety work for you as a presenter 

  4. Embracing your voice as your strongest influencer

  5. Why emotions rule in the eyes and ears of the listener

15/04/21, 09:30-13:30 (CEST) UTC +2

Peter Hopwood

Global Speaker Coach / Pitch & Storytelling Consultant / TEDx Coach

*Every ticket also includes a recording of the Masterclass.

Maarten van der Schaal

Author of 'Slide Design'. Professional presentation coach at Mr.Prezident. An Amsterdam and New York based presentation agency - helping people and organizations achieve more with their presentations. 

Slide Design: The Essentials

​​Understand the basics of slide design and learn how to create effective and stunning slides

15/04/21, 09:30-13:30 (CEST) UTC +2

van der Schaal

Author of "Slide Design"

*Every ticket also includes a recording of the Masterclass.

You will learn:


  1. The most important fundamental principles of (slide) design

  2. How to deal with boring bullet points

  3. What visuals to choose and how to find them

  4. The seven building blocks for a strong design

  5. The power of a well-built template